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Informed society for better health decisions
Father and mother together can manage child clinic data including growth trend, next clinic date, vaccination date and more.
We bring more than 1200 authorized health facilities and pharmacies to your finger tips. Filter by distance (GPS), services, Insurance and more...
Seek advice from medical specialists on different health related issues. All questions/answers are private and encrypted.
Preparing to conceive or family planning? You and your partner will be connected and notified on every step of your period.

Our number one goal

Increase access to medical information & knowledge

Imagine, there was a machine which enable you to get all health information together. Manage your children clinic data such as clinic dates, growth, vaccinations dates and more. This machine allows you to get medical advises from Doctors or seek appointment or search all health facilities nearest to you in Tanzania. It also teaches you about general health, reproductive health, diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and more in form of articles written by medical specialists. This machine will notify on every stage of your menstrual cycle. And, that machine, is known and verified by Ministry of health Tanzania. It's amazing, right?

That machine could be TanzMED App. An App that designed to provide access to healthcare information and knowledge using many built in tools .

Just one App

That gives you all
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