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EDD has paid off: A personal experience on body weight reduction

It’s all about Exercise, Diet and Discipline in shredding weight not Expected Due Date/ Expected Date of Delivery as some of you might think.

Today I would like to share my own experience in reducing body weight, in case you are overweight or obese. In November 2010 I was weighing 105kg, and my BMI indicated ‘obese’. Well, I could easily get tired, sometimes could not walk fast, yet I continued to play soccer once in a week. The funny thing was, I was a very good preacher to people on weight reduction programs, interventions and other bla bla accompanied to such health talks. Basically I could not walk the talk!

One day I woke up in the morning thinking on the whole issue of body weight reduction. And this was preceded by a talk to a very close friend of mine who later became my motivator. I planned and decided I should reduce weight significantly.

Well, my initial intervention was to reduce food intake and started jogging. That was in November 2010. Normally I used to eat large amount of food and bad enough not paying attention to even caloric foods, sugary drinks like sodas etc. So I significantly reduced this, even the amount of sugar in tea or coffee. I started jogging for about 45minutes in the morning for 6 days in a week. I left one day to rest my body. In a month I managed to reduce the weight for about 5kg. Well some might think that was too much reduction, but I felt fine and motivated.

After two consecutive months, I was weighing 98kg. Then I set up a goal of reducing 2-3kg per month, and the monitoring of weight was done on the same weighing scale at every end of month. I maintained the discipline on what to eat, the frequency and amount. I concentrated mainly on protein-rich foods like fish, chicken (not fried one), beans, vegetable and the likes. I made sure that I have a heavy breakfast knowingly that it would help me providing energy throughout the day and later on during my exercises. During the day, I started having in-between meals in small quantities, yet being cautious and staying away from sugary foods, fried and fat-content foods. Running away from these foods needs courage…imagine the taste, yummy-yummy nature of these foods, it needed and needs highest level of self discipline. Well I even ran away from alcohol as well. As it is well known, alcohol produces sugar in the blood, so I reduced significantly alcohol taking.

After reducing at least 10kg, I started attending the gym, the main goal to reduce weight by burning fats and packing some muscles back. The advantage of gym was that I could use the machines for timed/interval exercise like treadmills. From literature and experience, this type of exercise is good for burning of fats in the body, leaving the lean muscle behind. If you are an experienced jogger, you can tame interval exercise by use of watch to have intervals of sprinting and jogging.

Sprinting makes the heart to pump on high rate thus delivering oxygen to the fat burning process in the body. Reverting the body to jogging state, make the heart to slow down and thus you inhale more oxygen ready for another episode/interval of sprinting. This kind of exercise is advised to be done three times a week as it burns a lot of calories if done correctly.

Well, I have been attending the gym at least on daily basis, not only doing the interval exercises, but also lifting weights. Lifting weights also helps to burn fats and hence pack some muscles.

The effect I have seen in my body so far is that I have reduced the weight significantly meaning that I have to go back to shops and buy new trousers and shirts! My tummy has reduced so much, so is the waist circumference – a good indicator on fat deposits on the body. My goal was to be 85kg six months after weight reduction course and I have achieved that through Exercise, Diet and Discipline to those two! My take is weight reduction is possible and needs one to have a discipline in order to achieve the goal. The goal is normally like a mathematical equation with factors relying on exercise, diet and discipline. When one of the factors is not appreciated, the goal cannot be achieved and it becomes easy to go back to the state you were in initially..overweight, obese and the likes!

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